Saturday night a few friends and I gathered in our living room. Our son who is three years old and another child who is two were happily coloring pictures while the grown-ups sang a few songs to Jesus. While we were doing this, Mason slipped over to see how little Paisley was coloring her picture. She had made a very pink choice for her horses’ coat and Mase was clearly interested. He was about to comment when we noticed him stop himself mid-sentence. “That’s a funny… I like your beautiful picture. I like brown horses, but I like your beautiful pink horse.” Paisley has had enough encounters with little boys to be leery of them, so up until this moment she has been shy about joining Mason in the playroom during our grown-up Bible discussion time. This time things were shifting and all the adults in the room were watching out of the corner of our eyes. With a big smile she said, “Thank you,” found a small soccer ball and passed it to him. They were happily playing within minutes and for the first time Paisley felt at home.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since Saturday night. From a parent’s perspective, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your child love beyond himself. Clearly something of the love of Christ is reaching his heart and mind, directing his thoughts and leading him into life. The weight of joy in that moment, and the small moments throughout the rest of the days of his life outweighs the other, less Christlike moments. The Holy Spirit’s leadership of our meetings is often expressed in ways we don’t immediately recognize.

Could it be that Father watches our small attempts to love each other with just such joy? As we serve each other, reach out beyond ourselves in the power of the Holy Spirit, do we recognize His work among us in the small, quiet ways love changes our lives? They add up to soul-satisfying fellowship and I, for one, am deeply grateful.

Questions to think about:

1. Do I feel at home where I meet with God’s people?
2. Do others feel at home with me wherever we are in relationships; at home, at school, at work, at coffee?
3. What are some small, quiet ways I can serve to make others feel at home in Jesus’ presence?


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